All Free Bakery
Brownies Bites
Allergen friendly

ALLfree™ products are no preservative added, school-safe, and allergen friendly. They are best kept in the freezer for freshness and can be refrozen after purchase. Once thawed they have a 30 day ambient shelf life.

The Brownie Bites are packed in a retail ready twin pack and are the perfect grab-and-go decadent snack!



A brownie so delicious, even chocolate chips can't resist!
Our perfect brownie surrounds chocolate chips, offering a flavor experience unlike any other.


Sea salt and caramel, a match made in chocolate! These delectable delights are sure to feed any chocolate lover's craving!


You'll love these brownie bites so much that you'll be asking for s'more after your first bite.


Dark chocolate with the boldness of espresso is the ultimate flavor combo. The only way to make is better is to top it with caramel…so we did!

Zero Waste

We recognize the negative impact manufacturing facilities can have on the environment. As such, we are proud to partner with Waste Management companies which participate in the Zero Waste program. A Zero Waste program means that waste leaving our facility is mostly diverted from landfills. Foodwaste is diverted to animal feed, and all other waste is either recycled or converted into energy. Please do your part to make sure that this packaging does not end up in a landfill.

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